Discover the possibilities.

From drug development to drug commercialization to food safety, there are countless possibilities at Covance. Learn more about us to find out what inspires you.

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Diversity at Covance

Resources & Groups.

Use our Employee Resource Groups to connect with colleagues from similar backgrounds or who have a common interest or culture. You’ll also enjoy great learning and networking opportunities. 

Diversity inspires us.

At Covance, diversity is broader than nationality, skin color or gender. It’s really about diversity of opinion, experience and expertise. We understand these attributes of diversity make us much stronger than if everyone in our organization had the same background.


Your Career
Your Career

Work with greater purpose.

Imagine having an impact on millions of lives. Imagine helping to create medicines that cure illness, improve health and boost quality of life around the world. You can do this at Covance.

Grow your own way.

We know career development means different things to different people. That’s why we’ll listen to your career goals and then work with you to tailor a development plan that gets you where you want to go.

Explore possibilities, find solutions.

Feel the thrill of “what if” and the satisfaction of solutions made real. 

Team Perspectives

"It makes me proud to be able to work on projects to help in developing new medicines.  It is rewarding to know my work helps people in need."


"I can see that there are several other departments within Covance where I can excel.  It's great to know that I am not locked into one track."


"I have really enjoyed working with my colleagues to accomplish project objectives and can see that what I do has an impact on the success of the company."