Strategic Partnership

A Truly Strategic Partnership — Covance & LabCorp

We have a long history of success. From early development to commercialization, our workforce is proud to have supported 100% of the top 50 drugs on the market in 2016. How do our employees continue to empower the future state of drug development? We’ve already seen impressive results with our new access to LabCorp testing capabilities. Backed by the power of the LabCorp partnership, our employees can now:

• Accelerate clinical trial enrollment by leveraging LabCorp’s database of over 70 million de-identified patients
• Quickly identify the physicians who can best support a sponsor’s trial with access to over 11 billion LabCorp test results 
• Offer world-class companion diagnostics capabilities
• Provide clients with a more complete set of drug development solutions

Combined with Covance’s proprietary clinical trial knowledgebase, containing over 40% of all global clinical trial performance data, our employees are in a unique position to deliver an entirely new level of insights to better inform and operate trials.

Even though our expertise spans multiple businesses, our goal is to operate as one, sharing our knowledge to improve our efficiency and deliver better value to our customers.


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