Diversity & Inclusion

On Covance's journey from good to great we are focused on global, integrated growth. Therefore, it is imperative that we attract and retain the best talent globally. We believe there is no greater competitive advantage than optimizing the value of the differences in cultures, backgrounds, ideas, perspectives and thinking of each employee. And there is no better environment in which to build your career.

Benefits of our Culture of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Enables Covance to fully utilize and appreciate the talents of our workforce
  • Establishes a culture and environment that is nimble and can quickly anticipate and adapt to the needs of the marketplace
  • Integrates diverse views and perspectives
  • Focuses our lenses to see both visible (gender, race/ethnicity or visible minorities) and invisible (nationality, disability and sexual orientation) differences
  • Fosters a culture of continuous learning
  • Produces a competitive advantage whereby groups that are not homogenous can present a broad range of perspectives, opinions and ideas