Covance Employee Resource Groups

Covance Employee Resource Groups are a fundamental part of our culture for many reasons. Most importantly, they provide a channel for Covance employees to connect with other employees with common backgrounds. The purpose of our networks is to:

  • Provide networking opportunities among employees with a common interest or culture
  • Support or advance Covance policies and business goals, including the company's commitment to foster an inclusive work environment
  • Attract, develop, grow and retain the best and brightest talent
  • Increase awareness and respect for diversity
  • Create learning opportunities for Covance employees

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for employees to apply for and participate in a mentoring relationship as either a mentor or a mentee. Mentors share experiences and wisdom to help a fellow employee reach his or her professional goals. Mentees can seek guidance and support in reaching their own professional goals. In either case, relationships are built, professional networks are established, and insights are gained.

Diversity Awareness Committee

The Diversity Awareness Committee (DAC) is composed of individuals who respect, value and understand the differences of each of Covance's employees, and encourage a work environment that develops and leverages their diverse capabilities while building strong connections and long-lasting relationships. The mission of the DAC is to create awareness and celebrate diversity through initiatives that recognize diverse groups throughout the year.

GLO (Gay, Lesbian, Others)

The purpose of Covance GLO is: to bridge the gap between straight, gay and lesbian employees who support workplace diversity; to promote fair treatment and development opportunities for all employees regardless of sexual orientation; and to strengthen our relationship with clients and attract new ones through Covance's continuing commitment to diversity.

Women's Leadership Network

The Women's Leadership Network supports and empowers the women of Covance to achieve professional success and personal well-being. The Women's Leadership Network’s efforts enhance the workplace, contribute to the success of the company, and give back to our communities - all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.