Neha, Sr. Manager, Central Monitoring
"I wanted to learn and contribute to a company that executed Risk-Based Monitoring and I saw that Covance was the best option."
At the start of my career, I worked with a pharma company but I wanted to experience fast-paced environment of CROs. I felt that CROs had a sense of urgency to deliver while continuously identifying process improvement areas to enhance overall sponsor experience. You learn time and budget management very early on in your career as you are bound by strict guidelines which inculcates discipline. The scope of contribution that can be made is immense. It always feels good to contribute in my little way to overall goal of providing health benefits to millions across the world.  

I chose to work with Covance because they have an excellent mix of technology and deep scientific knowledge that ultimately drives the processes. I had attended some sessions where Covance had presented their Risk-Based Monitoring methodology and I was blown away by maturity of tools and considerations that went behind defining the overall strategy. Covance seemed to be one of the rarest CRO that holistically provided an RBM solution and built technology that actually was aiding central monitoring. I wanted to learn and contribute to a company that executed RBM – and saw that Covance was the best option. 

Now that I am working here, I have found that the culture at Covance is friendly and close knit. I like that at Covance you have the flexibility for work timing and openness to listen to your ideas. I’ve had an exciting journey in last 2.5 years where I have worked in multiple roles, including a business lead for a statistical product, a process contributor for medical review product, a lead on multiple trials for delivering RBM solutions, and I’ve been active speaker on RBM while being part of ISCR and DIA conferences for RBM. I plan to contribute more to our growth in India by being the ambassador for our top class Xcellerate products, developing our excellent teams of central monitors and leads at Covance.

The nature and variety of my work keeps me motivated. There are multiple opportunities available within Covance which one can pursue depending on interests. I would encourage people to join Covance if they want to gain in-depth knowledge of areas that matter the most in industry today, be a part of growth that is exponential and have fun along the way.


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