Meet Vidhya
Susanna Shin (Korea Clin Ops Head)

안녕하세요? 코반스 코리아에서 임상팀을 leading 하고 있는 신수산나 입니다. 코반스 코리아는 Global CRO 중에서도 유일하게 Spectrum, 전임상 부터 Commercial 까지 full service 제공할 있는 유일한 Global CRO입니다.
코반스 코리아는 2005년에 Legal entity 설립한 이후, 1상부터 4상까지 다양한 indication Local Global 임상시험을 진행하고 있습니다. Covance Korea 현재 Early Development 팀이 있고, 임상팀은 Feasibility & Start Up,  Site Management Flexible solution팀을 포함합니다. 이외에 Clinical Team Lead, project management, Global regulatory submission 팀과 QA, QC , Business Development 팀이 있습니다.
코반스는 2017년에 칠턴과의 합병을 통해 직원들에게는 많은 기회를 제공하고, Client에게는 넓은 Scope Service 제공할 있게 되었습니다.
Hello! My name is Susanna Shin, and I lead the Korea Clinical Operations team.
Covance is the only drug development company with a full range of research and development services, from preclinical trials to commercialization.  
The Covance Korea team provides  full service clinical trials from Phase I to Phase IV.  With both local and global clinical trials we offer the expertise to support every aspect of  nonclinical and clinical studies.
We have an Early Development Team, Feasibility & Start Up, Site Management, Flexible Solutions, Clinical Team Lead, Project Management, Global Regulatory Submission Team, and QA, QC as well as a Business Development Team.
Covance provides better opportunities for employee career development and a much broader scope of service to clients since the integration with Chiltern in 2017.
Thank you.

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