Meet Vidhya
Vidhya, Learning Specialist

"I like the open and transparent family culture of Covance, the equal opportunities given to me to prove my skills and the respect given to all employees from the leaders."
Vidhya had worked with the World Health Organization and currently volunteers to serve underprivileged groups, continually contributing to making a difference in the world. With her passion for helping others, joining Covance was a natural fit.

“I wanted to be part of clinical research and drug development in some way. I decided to join the CRO industry to help accelerate the drug development process and improve patients’ quality of life.”

Since joining over a year ago, Vidhya has been impressed by the Covance work culture. “The leadership team here is very approachable, encouraging and people-oriented. They truly set an example of positive force. There are so many work opportunities, constructive challenges and lessons that make you completely engaged into our healthy and competitive work environment.”

Based on her experience with Covance, Vidhya envisions a rewarding career where she can make the most of her extraordinary potential.

“I am very excited about our challenging career opportunities that will enhance my knowledge and sharpen my existing skill set. My leaders recognize my skills and are supporting me to shape my career goals. I plan to have a very long-term association with Covance as I feel at home and I am proud to work here.”

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